June 21st, 2021

The message flashed across my screen and I was immediately and all at once overjoyed, grateful and genuinely happier than I have felt in over a year - maybe longer. The kind of happiness that can only come with witnessing a journey of triumph over circumstance and knowing you played a very small part in its course.

The message was from Brandon, whose journey I have had the privilege of following for the past three years. We first "met" back in 2018 when he started working on some of the non code bounties we had setup on Bounties Network and joined our community. Meeting people discovering crypto for the first time and enabling their involvement without any technical knowledge was one of my favourite things about the work we did - especially in that 2018 level crypto landscape. We started chatting and I got to know a bit about him, his story and his genuine passion for what crypto could be - “a tool for the betterment of society as a whole”.

Our first interview was in 2019 and for me it was one of the first true confirmations that what we were doing with this tech had meaning. A meaning well beyond the spoils of an obscure casino at the edges of the internet dominated by "few" narratives. This was a levelling of the playing field that could change the course of lives stuck between cemented lines of lack.